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What's New?

Please feel free to visit my weblog, for daily, weekly and/or monthly thoughts on being a Christian.  Simply click on the link below:


I've posted a new devotional I just wrote entitled "Taming the Tongue".  It deals with gossip and other "questionable verbal sins" we rarely talk about.  But the Bible speaks very clearly about what's wrong with gossip. 
Coming soon...Taming the Tongue part II dealing with deceit.  I admit I had a tough time writing these, not because they dealt with such a difficult issue, just that it seems like common sense! Yet no one seems to acknowledge the dangers of gossip and deception!

Prayer Requests
I would like to start a page where people can submit prayer requests.  To send requests please click on the link below and I will post them as soon as possible. Please do not include last names, locations, or other personal information as that will be edited out. 

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