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Prayer & Praise

Please submit prayer requests and praise on the Contact Me page.  Please do not include last names or locations.  I will post the requests and praise as soon as possible!

  1. Ali would like prayer because she has become self-conscious about her body and she would be able to lose weight.  It is also becoming a health issue. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it's difficult so please lift her up in prayer.
  2. Please pray for Colin.  He is not a Christian and recently has been bringing up the Bible.  Please pray that he would continue to pursue Christianity, and that his interest isn't only an attempt to dialogue, but that he is searching.
  3. Please pray for Aaron.  He knows a lot about the bible but leans more to being athiest.  His heart is very hard.
  4. Edna would like prayer for her boyfriend.  He is a gambler and she says he does not love Jesus like she does.  Please pray for her also, that God will give her strength in making the right decision about him.