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It's All There


While I was taking my course, I found it so difficult to pour over the thick textbooks.  I bought several easy learning books to help me learn more and learn faster; however, it was just more books and more words.  In the end I went back to the original text, and as I spent time reading through it I found it was not that difficult at all - the answers were under my nose the whole time.


As a parallel, I have bought many Christian help books including ones about how to pray, how to have freedom in Christ, etc. but found the more I added to my collection, the less I was reading and was not building myself into the Christian person I wanted to be.


If you're not reading the bible, not much else is going to help you.  There is nothing wrong with certain Christian books but unless you have the foundation built, a foundation that was breathed by God, the other quick fixes aren't going to help you. Now it may be hard to find the answers you need, but as you read through the scriptures you are actually getting to know God (his purpose for the bible) and through that can learn about what kind of a Christian you should be.


As an aside, often just reading the bible, a few chapters or more, can bring peace and comfort to you, even if you don't completely understand what you are reading at the time.  It is kind of like hearing from an old friend you haven't heard from in a long time.