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We may not all be cut out for the mission field, so giving some of our money to those who are doing God's work, so that they can continue to reach people for Jesus is the next best thing we can do.  Please take the time to visit the websites (see links below) and read about the amazing things God is doing for people, especially in communist countries.  You will be amazed at the miracles that are still happening today!
The cost of supporting some of these missionaries can be as little as a brand new shirt or a couple CDs each month - it was that which convicted me, knowing someone could live and minister to others for the cost of some other material item I didn't need!

Although I always believed tithing was good and Biblical, and understood the concept that 10% of my income actually belongs to God, not me,  giving it to the Church shouldn't have been a problem; however, like most young people, I had a hard time parting with this money, especially when it could mean a new outfit!
One night a representitive from WorldServe ministries visited our Church and his stories about what pastors in communist countries go through just to spread the gospel touched my heart.  People were being beaten, tortured, separated from their families, even killed.  Yet the conversion rate continues to rise! People can't get enough of Jesus, and you would think, if it meant they could die for their faith, why would Christianity become so widespread? Why are people crying out just to own a Bible?
Halfway through the presentation, I had already heard enough to be convinced.  I gathered up donation information after the service.  I arranged for a certain amount to be debited from my account every month by WorldServe, so there would be no temptation for me to withhold anything.
I have grown frustrated with missionaries who are constantly looking for thousands of dollars in support so that they can go to school and "train".  These men and women I read about who WorldServe supports never had a penny put towards their training, or furthering their education about Christ, and they are winning converts every day! So when some of these pastors need as little as $30.00 per month to pay for living expenses, I cannot justify supporting a missionary in training for thousands.
I read a book recently by K.P. Yohannan who indicated throughout that we have been blessed in this land, and that there are others serving Jesus who have nothing.  Not everyone is called to missions or can pick up and go overseas.  But for the ones who do, the least we can do is give a portion of our money, which God has blessed us with. 
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